Karnataka fake stamp paper kingpin Telgi condition critical

Manish Arya / On 2017-10-24 06:54:20

Karnataka's multi-crore fake stamp paper mastermind Abdul Karim Telgi is battling for life as his condition is critical due to multiple organ complications, said a senior doctor on late night.

"He (Telgi) is in the intensive care unit (ICU) on a ventilator. His condition is critical," said a night duty doctor at state-run Victoria Hospital here.

Telgi, 56, is a convict in the Parapanna Agrahara Central Jail on the city's southern outskirts, serving a 30-year sentence since a decade in 2007,

A diabetic with hypertension, jail authorities admitted Telgi to the hospital four days ago after he complained of uneasiness and difficulty in breathing.

"On the doctors advise, Telgi's family members were called to the city from Khanapur in Belagavi district in the state's northwest region, They are at his bed side by turns in the ICU," said his lawyer Nanaiah.

Telgi shot into notoriety after a state investigation team (SIT) trapped him by tapping his phones and busted his racket valued then in crores of rupees.

After illegally printing the stamp papers, Telgi sold them to bulk purchasers, including banks, insurance firms, and stock brokerage firms.

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