Rajev Paul's fitness funda

Pradeep Kumar / On 2017-10-25 09:03:47

Actor Rajev Paul says he is happy that he can include gym sessions and maintain his diet on the sets of "Jiji Maa" because of his character.

Rajev, who made his comeback on the small screen after four years, is currently seen as Jayant Rawat in the Star Bharat show. His character is very fitness conscious.

"I am very happy that for my role as Jayant Rawat, I was not asked to make any physical changes. In fact, Jayant Rawat is a fitness conscious person, and it is very much related to me in my personal life," Rajev said in a statement.

"I can do gym sessions and maintain my proper diet even on set as my character is also the same. I have maintained my body and physical strength since many years, and I would love to be same throughout," he added.

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