Rock Brings Innovative Big-on-power and Slim Polymer Power Banks to India

Pradeep Kumar / On 2017-10-27 11:20:25

Rock - a global accessories brand known for its varied and innovative range of products - is offering a range of new-age Power banks which are more durable and easier to carry than the traditional Power banks. These innovative Power banks use Lithium-polymer cells that make them technologically superior and a delight for the tech-savvy youth that is increasingly spending more time on smartphones.

Rock’s Lithium polymer Power banks are designed to be more long-lasting with a longer battery life. This ensures that the youth have an uninterrupted mobile usage for a longer duration. These Power banks are also lighter in weight and compatible with 99% of smartphones and tablets. On average, Lithium-Polymer is about 30% lesser in weight than Lithium-Ion battery.

Intartic, the licenced brand owners of the globally popular brands Rock and Rock Space, offer a range of high-tech gadgets, designed to meet the data needs of today’s on-the-go generation. The  is available on Flipkart.

 said, “The Rock brand is a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge Power banks and electronic accessories in India. The Lithium-polymer Power banks are especially tailored to meet the demands of the tech-savvy generation. Keeping in mind the youth’s need for maximum charge in mobiles, we introduced the high 20000 mAh capacity power bank with polymer battery, which is more power-packed and sleek. The ‘Rock’ range of products, being both technologically superior and economical, are a big hit with the tech-savvy generation who prefer both style and substance.”

The key Lithium-polymer power banks under the Rock brand available in India are:
 Sleekness and lightweight personified, the ITP 501 Power bank model is equipped with Dual USB output & Dual inputs feature. It is powered with the latest generation 10000 mAh Lithium Polymer and weighs only about 210 grams.

The ITP 502 carries the same sleek family look with Polymer design and lightweight features, but with an enviable 13 hour battery back-up. Moreover, it is powered by Double USB output & 3 Input. This means you can charge it with your own phone cable - no need to carry a new. The model has an impressive 20000 mAh capacity.

Rock and Rockspace are brands with a global footprint. Rock is the biggest 3rd party accessories brand in China with INR 800 Cr p.a. turnover. Started in 2009, the Manufacturer of Mobile Accessories and digital peripherals based in Shenzhen, China, has witnessed an exponential growth since inception.

Rock and Rockspace have been present in the Indian market for more than 5 years with a reputation of bringing quality products with monthly new innovation and launches in sync with the fast changing Mobile and IT landscape.

In the last two years the brands have strengthened their presence by creating a distinct India specific range especially with BIS coming in for power banks and chargers besides their large range of cases, audio, car accessories, and cables etc. They have partnered with Intartic in India - started and managed by a top telecom industry professional setting up sales offices and manufacturing under the "Make in India" initiative. The company is grown by leaps and bounds in the past year riding on its quality and organised professional management and support of its excellent trade partners.

Rock has now got a dedicated portfolio for Online sales while Rockspace has for Offline sales with presence in top retail chains and stores. The company also has direct partner accreditation with top mobile brands of the world like Samsung, Microsoft and Huawei. The company plans to expand its distribution network through brick-and-mortar stores to be inaugurated in Delhi shortly. To know more, visit us at.

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