JustDating: Profile Picture and Nickname, Do They Really Matter?

Manish Arya / On 2017-10-30 11:43:22

Dating apps are pretty much a part of our daily lives now. In order to make the right impression and to convey how good one is, many decisions need to be made. Dating app, JustDating, has released its latest survey results, the findings of which could be very helpful both for single men and women looking for their significant other. While nicknames and profile pictures may appear to be trifling and trivial, they are first two things that grab attention and are used by users to create a perception of one another.

According to the survey results, Aditi, Manisha and Nidhi for women, and Gaurav, Karan and Raghav for men, are the names found to be most attractive to single members of the opposite sex. When it comes to profile pictures for men, on one hand, smiling self-portraits got maximum number of likes. On the other hand, for women, pictures taken while partying or slightly revealing pictures got maximum number of likes. According to the same survey results, 72% of the users preferred black and white photos to coloured ones.

The survey revealed that both, single men and women, prefer companions who have names that are easy to pronounce and easy to remember. In order to be successful in attracting members of opposite sex, JustDating app advises users to consider choosing one of the names mentioned above. As for the profile picture, according to the survey, men who are confident and look at the camera and smile are favourite dating partners. Profile pictures of women with a carefree attitude, like pictures taken while partying or slightly revealing pictures may increase their chances of becoming favourite dating partners. Selfies, pictures of pets and scenery were found to be least liked. It is important for users, who want to indulge in a brief romantic fling or simply have an exciting evening, to keep these advices in mind.

Even though a profile picture or a username can't get users a date by itself and might seem unimportant, these micro-decisions add up to do a lot. And, as they say, "one is as good as the profile he/she crafts."

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