Avalara Becomes One of the First ASPs to Successfully File GSTR-2 in India

Manish Arya / On 2017-11-21 14:06:23

Avalara, Inc., a leading GST compliance automation solution provider, announces the successful GSTR-2 filing on production for its clients. The Avalara software solution, TrustFile GST, created history in the filing of GSTR-2 for its clients, earlier in the month of July 2017.

Harshad Shinde, Product Manager, GST India, Avalara stated, “We have successfully filed GSTR-2 recently and became one of the first ASPs to file GSTR-2 with the GSTN guidelines. I am confident Avalara TrustFile GST will be one of the first ASP solutions to file GSTR-3 for its customers.”

Filing of GSTR-2 is a complex task, requiring amalgamation and reconciliation of sales and purchase data, but Avalara TrustFile GST is an automation solution that has simplified this process through the use of cloud technology:

Retrieving Data: GSTR-2 requires businesses to submit accurate sales and purchase data each month. Avalara TrustFile GST can either directly extract this sales & purchase data from an established ERP or accounting system, or give a business, a mechanism to upload a simple CSV file.

ITC issues: In the GSTR-2, it’s important to enter the ITC claim amount for each invoice or C/D notes individually. Avalara makes this very easy through GSTR 2 input template in the CSV file.

Reconciliation issues: GSTR-2 requires accurate reconciliation of invoices between businesses, including all debit/credit notes. Avalara TrustFile offers an auto reconciliation feature and matching of invoices in GSTR2A.

Coupled with an additional advantage of prior GST experience (in Brazil and Canada) and Avalara’s experience in serving more than 20,000 clients globally, Avalara TrustFile GST is a cloud based solution that helps with complete automation of GST compliance. TrustFile GST provides a huge array of benefits, including timely compliance, report generation, comparison of reports, decision making, cost-effectiveness with reduced staff, technical and online support, and more.

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