QUOINE To List QASH on Global Exchanges QUOINEX and QRYPTOS

Manish Arya / On 2017-11-22 09:05:12

QUOINE's recently oversubscribed ICO, also known as the QASH Token Sale, is one of the most successful blockchain fintech ICOs globally, with 350 million QASH raised on 8 November 2017. The funds raised from the QASH Token Sale will be used to power the QUOINE LIQUID Platform to provide much-needed liquidity to the crypto economy. As a utility token, QASH has both a functional and economic use case:

As a crypto token, users can pay for services on all of QUOINE's platforms. Eventually, QASH can be adopted by fintech startups and other financial services companies as a medium of payment within the blockchain fintech ecosystem.

As a tradable digital asset class on the open market.

Initially, QASH value will be used for services provided by QUOINE's suite of platforms and services -- to cover fees; as credit collateral, and to participate in trading strategies. QASH will also become a base currency for trading on QUOINEX and QRYPTOS.

As the demand for the QUOINE LIQUID Platform grows, the utility of QASH will increase and will allow QASH holders to use its inherent value as a payment vehicle for all services and functions QUOINE (and its partners) will provide. This usage will provide a network effect for the mainstream adoption of QASH.

As part of its evolution, QASH will start its life cycle as a ERC 20 utility token. When coupled with the power of the QASH Blockchain within the QUOINE LIQUID Platform, QASH will naturally mature into a powerful cryptocurrency.

As part of QUOINE's regulatory compliance with the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA), QUOINE has made a submission to list the QASH token on QUOINEX, a regulated trading platform and cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. The JFSA has accepted the submission from QUOINE to list QASH as a tradeable token on QUOINEX.

On QASH listing day, QUOINE will offer currency pairs QASH/USD, QASH/JPY, QASH/SGD, QASH/EUR, QASH/AUD, QASH/IDR, QASH/ETH AND QASH/BTC for trading on the global fiat-cryptocurrency exchange QUOINEX and QASH/ETH and QASH/BTC for trading on the ICO listing platform and crypto-only exchange QRYPTOS.

Regarding the exciting QASH listing date, CEO and Co-founder Mike Kayamori stated: "We are excited to announce the listing of QASH on global exchanges QUOINEX and QRYPTOS on 21 November. We are well aware of the high demand for QASH and this is a wonderful opportunity for those who missed our ICO to own the QASH Token. Our global QRYPTOS and QUOINEX trading exchanges are both secure and KYC/AML globally compliant platforms. With our QUOINE platforms, we hope to facilitate industry standards for the safest way to trade digital tokens. The listing of the QASH token will provide market liquidity for our token holders, enabling them to easily trade QASH to and from multiple currencies such as the US dollar, Japanese yen, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, with more exchange listings to come in the near future."4

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